5th and 6th Class SEAI Competition

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5th and 6th Class have got through to the final 20 in the SEAI One Good Idea Competition. Their One Good Idea is to turn off your car engine when it is not necessary to have it on e.g. when you are pulling in and waiting to collect someone. As part of this project, to teach all the children in the school about climate change and our carbon footprint, children from 5th and 6th Class designed and made excellent and fun board-games. Have a look at our photos of them designing and then playing the games.

5th Class at the RDS Primary Science Fair

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5th Class attended the RDS Primary Science Fair on Saturday 13th January with their project entitled “Can you make a wind turbine out of rubbish and power a lightbulb?” Well, after many false starts, plenty of experimentation and measuring, much failure and ultimately success, it turns out that you CAN build a wind turbine from rubbish. The children were exemplary ambassadors for their school as they proudly displayed and explained their project to the hordes of visitors at the fair. Much fun was had by all exploring the BT Young Scientists, the other Primary projects and the stands of the technology and environmental exhibitors. Well done 5th Class!

Christmas in 5th and 6th

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The run up to Christmas was a very busy time for 5th and 6th Class. They used marble printing techniques to create books and decorations in Art, they had great fun sharing gifts with each other and with children in need with the Team Hope Christmas Shoebox Appeal. They rehearsed over weeks and then performed an excellent Christmas musical called “It’s Chriiistmas!” at our end of term Christmas service. After all that we really deserved our Christmas break!

Ms Doyle’s 2nd and 3rd Class Update

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Look at the brilliant costumes second and third made and wore for Halloween!

Halloween Costumes

Second and third class thoroughly enjoyed making and programming their own robots. They programmed them to move forward and backward, to stop at an obstacle and to make a sound. The future is safe!

Lego Robotics

Here are some pictures of our walk to Castletown in various guises! We had our lunch in the sunshine and then managed to study the hawthorn tree!

Castletown Witches and Wizards

5th and 6th class Trip to Dublin

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On Thursday 19th October 5th and 6th Class took the train to Dublin for a day of cultural adventure! We saw The Croppies Acre Memorial Park and Anna Livia before splitting into two groups; one for Collins Barracks and one for the One World, One God service for junior and primary schools in Christ Church Cathedral.

After this we had a very interesting and educational tour of The Chester Beatty Library, followed by a tour of the National Gallery of Ireland. A fun, educational and enlightening day was had by all!