The Primary Science Fair 2020

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Posted by C. Flood on 12 Jan 20 - Comments Off on The Primary Science Fair 2020

A huge congratulations to Ms. McCarthy and 5th Class who brought their science project to the Primary Science Fair at the RDS on Saturday 11th January. The project posed the question “Can the colour of food affect how we think it tastes?” Over the past few months Ms McCarthy and 5th Class have tested this through offering samples of oddly coloured milkshakes, sponge cakes and potato cakes to the other school children, whilst recording their initial preferences based on what they saw. Some very interesting comments were made, with children favouring the “strawberry”milkshake or the “mint” cake. Funnily enough, all milkshakes, all sponge cakes and all potato cakes tasted exactly the same!! Their results proved that yes indeed the colour of food affects how we think it tastes! 5th Class worked very hard and presented their project excellently at the Science Fair. Well done to Ms McCarthy for leading 5th Class through this superb science project.

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