1st and 2nd Class Trip to RTE!

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Posted by C. Flood on 21 May 19 - Comments Off on 1st and 2nd Class Trip to RTE!
What an amazing day!!! Full of new experiences and learning! We arrived in RTE just before 11.15am, as scheduled. We were treated to drinks and biscuits on arrival. There was a little waiting around before recording began, so we were able to go outside, to play and enjoy the fine weather. And we got to meet Ryan Tubridy!
With rehearsals going overtime we were only brought into the Donnacha’s Two Talented studio at 12.15. It was exciting to see the studio set up, to see Donnacha and to observe the camera men/women and floor manager in action. We saw a young boy from Kerry singing and then his mum joined him. We clapped, cheered, sang and danced on cue!!!
After that we met Anne Marie Smyth, who is in charge of the News2day show, and Cillian, one of the presenters. They brought us on a tour around the newsrooms and we saw journalists and editors busy at their computers. She also brought us in to see the Late Late Show set. It was HUGE and the amount of lights and sound equipment hanging from the ceiling was amazing.
Anne Marie then brought us to the News2day studio, where all the children got to sit on the couch and see themselves on camera and screens.
After that some of the children were brought into another recording studio where their voices were recorded for the News2day programme. Some children around Europe had been asked what they thought about Europe, in advance of the EU elections. RTE had translated their answers and some of our class do the voiceovers for these children in the news clip.
And then it was time for home. Exhausted but a great day out!

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