1916 Walking Tour

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Posted by C. Flood on 15 Feb 16 - Comments Off on 1916 Walking Tour

On Thursday 11th February, fourth, fifth and sixth class travelled by train, accompanied by Sandra and Liam Tobin, Brigid, Ms Doyle, Ms Downey and Ms Butler into Dublin. Firstly we had a taste of what 1913 Dublin was like with the Luas causing transport chaos! Having arrived in Trinity, we all took a rest, ate lunch and fed the pigeons! Our two guides, Lorcan and Ruairi then led us on an in depth journey through 1916 Dublin. They showed us the reality of how and where events happened. We visited Rosie Hacket bridge, the G.P.O., Moore Street, O’Connell’s statue, the raising of the flag at midday and we found numerous bullet holes!
We didn’t quite make it back to Hazelhatch in time for pick up, but we certainly packed a lot of history into one day!

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